Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

One Big Reason You Need To Use A Bail Bonding Service - Protect Your Assets

by Hunter Moore

Even if you have the cash readily available to post a bail bond, there is one very important reason to reconsider that option. Here's why using a bail bond service might be a wise idea no matter what your circumstances.

Your Money Could Be Lost

You need to consider the possibility of the person you post bond for skipping out, or missing his or her court appearance, especially if it's family. If you choose to use your own money and post a cash bond insuring their appearance at all future court proceedings, if the person decides to skip out, you will face the possibility of losing all your money.

Law Enforcement Takes Over

Once a court date is missed, the judge is going to more than likely issue a bench warrant. If you have elected a personal cash bond, law enforcement will now take over the case. The person who did not appear will be essentially a fugitive.

When he or she is found, they will be returned to jail where they will first have to answer for to a failure to appear charge. If the person does not have some exceptional reason for missing a court date, the court is going to forfeit your bond and you will lose all your money.

Quick Notice of a Failure to Appear

Even though you opt to use a bonding service, the possibility of a skip may still exist. But, your bail bondsman is going to pay close attention to the client's trial schedule. They will be notified immediately when there is a failure to appear.

Often this notice gets to the bonding company before the bench warrant becomes active. This can give the bond company's agent a chance to notify you first, and then try to make contact with the person who is about to be labeled a fugitive from justice; adding another charge.

If there was a mistake, you will have the bonding service on your side. Frequently an agent for the bonding service will be able to pick this person up where they can offer them a chance to contact an attorney before they turn themselves in.

Save Your Collateral

Plus, since bonding services work very closely with the court, if they do bring a person charged with failure to appear in front of the court voluntarily to plea upon the court's mercy, they may not have to pay the entire bond amount ordered by the court. That can be extremely important since it means you will not lose any collateral you put up to guarantee an appearance.

Just the slightest chance of a person not appearing for the court date clearly supports using a bonding service to post bail. If they do miss a court appearance you'll have a chance to work with the bonding service posting the bail, to fix the error before the person is arrested. If you do not use a bondsman like, you money will be forfeited to the court.  


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Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

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