Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

  • Three Situations That May Indicate Malpractice

    Everyone has heard of malpractice lawsuits for negligence on the part of a doctor, hospital or medical staff, but the problem is knowing when this has happened to you or a loved one. Unless you went to medical school, you may not know what qualifies as negligence. However, an attorney with experience in the filed of malpractice can help you understand whether or not you have a case. The following are three situations in which you should consult with an attorney, like those at Bennett & Zydron PC, about your treatment.

  • Wrongful Eviction: Should You Hire A Lawyer?

    Being evicted is a stressful situation, even if you are in the right. When you are being wrongfully evicted, knowing your rights will help you know if your only alternative is to hire an attorney. What Is a Wrongful Eviction? Each state has its own set of laws for eviction, but generally, a landlord can only evict you if you violate some part of your lease or verbal agreement. For example, if you fail to pay your rent on time, you irreparably damage the property or you have had numerous complaints from neighbors about your behavior your landlord may be able to evict you.

  • What You Need To Know About Your Estate Plan

    Having an estate plan is incredibly important. Many people put off getting a plan or updating their plan because they don't understand when they should do it or the importance of such things. Here are some of the things you should be aware of with your estate plan. 1. Get It Young The best time to get your estate plan is while you are a young adult. As soon as you are married, have children, or own property, you should get an estate plan.

  • Hiring A Criminal Lawyer To Defend Your Juvenile Offender: How To Select The Right One

    It is a very sad and difficult day for most parents when they discover that their children, whom they have worked so hard to raise, are criminal offenders. These offenses range from concealing and carrying a weapon illegally to assault to drug use. Sometimes your kid was just in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing for the very first time. Whatever the scenario, you have to hire a criminal lawyer, and here is how you can hire the right one.

  • Think About The Child: Divorce And Children With Autism

    Divorce is tough for everyone involved and when you have a child who suffers from a physical or mental disorder, divorce can be even more difficult for them. Children who have autism do not always speak their mind, and young children often have a hard time expressing their feelings or channeling their anger appropriately. Because of this, it is essential that you speak with your child and understand his or her needs as well.

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Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

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