Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

  • 2 Situations Where Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney Is Vital

    Serious accidents befall thousands of Americans every year. Fortunately, many result in only minor injuries that are easy to recover from. However, for many other unfortunate people, the accident can result in serious injuries with wide-ranging and ongoing issues. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, you may be confused about whether you should hire a personal injury attorney. While it is not always strictly necessary, there are certain situations when using the services of such an attorney is imperative.

  • 2 Mistakes To Avoid After Filing Your Workers' Compensation Claim

    If you were recently involved in an accident at work and are unable to return because of your injuries, you may either be getting ready to file or have already filed a workers' compensation claim. However, even after you have filed the claim and even started to receive checks in the mail, you still need to watch what you do as your employer could be watching closely to see if you may be faking your injuries.

  • What Is The Role Of The Life Sentence Consultant?

    If a loved one is sentenced to life in prison for a crime they have been found guilty of committing, it can be devastating because you will want to do something to help them. Even though you may not be able to visit your loved one in prison frequently and you may not know a lot about prison life yourself, you can hire a life sentence consultant to help. These professionals are skilled at working with inmates who have just received these long-term sentences, and they can help in a lot of ways.

  • Understanding Important Workers Comp Information

    Workers compensation is there for employees who are on the job. While many people think that workers compensation solely deals with making sure they are compensated from a financial standpoint, the program also offers other benefits, such as retraining. There is a lot to know about workers comp, so reading the rest of this article will help you to become better informed. Knowing whether you are covered by workers comp

  • 3 Things You Can Do To Deal With A Wage Garnishment

    Creditors have many legal options available to them when it comes to recovering the money that they are owed. One of the options that a creditor may use when collection efforts have failed is wage garnishment. Wage garnishment can only occur once a creditor has received a legal order approved by a judge. You will typically be given advance notice of the impending garnishment. It's important that you take action to minimize the negative effect a garnishment can have on your lifestyle.

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Good Fences And Not So Good Neighbors: Property Law 101

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